My gear

Canon T2i
I got it refurbished from adorama for $650

52mm Rubber Lens Hood for the 50mm lens $0.16 with S+H ebay 

Remote Control for t2i Ebay $2.22 

2 of  32" Translucent White Umbrella ebay $10

Giottos Large Cleaning Kit  $12.86 on Amazon

Manfrotto 3021 CL for $50

Manfrotto 128RC QR Micro Fluid Head Traded one head for this one plus $17.50  

Hoya 58mm UV HMC
Multi-Coated Filter Ebay $16.82

is on my 75mm to 300mm

B+W 58mm Filter
CL for $15 it's on my 18 to 55mm

Remote Control for t2i ebay $2.13

you can get on ebay for $29 with S+H
"14.37" Professional Shotgun Microphone

Zoom H1 Ebay New $81.25 with S+H

20' Whirlwind XLR
cable ebay $4.99 with S+H

6PCS 3FT 3.5MM to XLR female on ebay for $16 with S+H


Sony MDR-V150 Headphones $3.99 at    Goodwill

XLR Male to Male Adapter Ebay for $1.88 with S+H